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Thanks for the shout out for Perl! We have created a dedicated section for Perl, and you all have moderating rights to the section @KSellers66 @aixguru @spassiba
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Crypto Daily,Weekly and Yearly historical api not longer available?
The Daily/Weekly/Monthly crypto historical data feeds have been reinstated. Thanks! 
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We are looking for moderators of the Developer Showcase section!
topclaudy wrote:
I'm a software architect from Canada (developer of https://timonnen.com ).  I'm interested in becoming a moderator of the developer showcase section. Please guide me to the required steps.

Marvelous! You now have moderating right to the Developer Showcase section. 
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Welcome to the Alpha Vantage Community!
ddr Shotputty wrote:
Dear moderators, I've been trying to contact you at support@alphavantage.co for some time now. I sent my API request email on december the 19th, 20th and january the 8th but I have not received a reply. Is there any other way I can contact you?

Sorry to hear that your inquiries didn't go through. I have private messaged you for some further context. Let's take it from there shall we? 
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Introduction to JavaScript for Alpha Vantage
Thanks for the thoughtful and informative post, Theo! Do you foresee the necessity of re-posting under the JavaScript section as well?
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We are looking for moderators!
spassiba wrote:
Hi, if you could add a Perl section, I could help with moderation of that section. I am an advanced Perl programmer with years of experience, as well as ETL, database and parallel processing. I would be glad to be of help for this forum. Sincerely, spassiba.

Please feel free to moderate any Perl-related topics in the Other section for now. We should let you know when/if a Perl-dedicated section opens up in the future [smile] Thank you!
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We are looking for moderators!
kellyling wrote:
Hi, I am able to help moderate the VBA/Excel section. Can't say I am a VBA guru but I have worked on Excel/VBA/Access for many years both on a professional and community/non-profit level. Happy to help. Thanks.

Marvelous! You now have moderating right to the Exel/VBA section. Welcome! 
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We are looking for moderators!
Rizwan Malvat wrote:
Hello Team Alpha Vantage!

I don't know whether I am late or what but would like to represent myself for the JAVA Moderator. My work over the years with this Technology has allowed me to keep learning and grow myself to build n level of dynamic products. 

I came across your api few weeks back when I was about to start my dream stock project, which I think is early to announce on a public platform but to let you know, I am continuously enhancing my learning regarding stock market and its parameters used to calculate projections. 

I am using your api for historical data calculations. Also I am learning web scrapping to get data each second or whenever an api is called to give a realtime stock prices. On the whole I am planning big with stock market and would like to gain each and every opportunity to be a part of Alpha Vantage Community - Java moderator. [smile]

All of my next steps would be keep enhancing the stock market experience by making it better using the very strong base provided by you people(Team Alpha Vantage).

I feel of myself to be capable for it is my continuous interest to learn and implement not only technical codes but the mathematics behind stock market.

Thanks in anticipation
Rizwan Malvat

Thank you Rizwan! You now have moderating right to the Java section. Welcome! 
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We are looking for moderators!
Emprovise wrote:
Hi, I would be interested in moderating the PHP section of this forum. I've been working with PHP for about five years and use it quite a bit for data handling. If you guys still need some help with moderating it, then I can help! Thanks in advance.

Thank you so much for kindly offering to moderate the PHP section. You now have moderating right to the content category. Welcome aboard! 
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We are looking for moderators!
wealthmeta wrote:
Hi there,

I'm the founder of Wealth Meta and a software developer by trade. Would be interested in moderating Python, PHP, Developer Showcase categories.  We'll be using the Alpha Advantage API for our upcoming Net Worth Dashboard app!

Wealth Meta's mission is to help households manage their finances with ease and confidence. Blog posts, resources, financial calculators and apps for personal finance.


We've published several calculators, including a trinity study recreation, and a more involved income and spending simulator.


Wonderful! You now have full moderating right to the PHP section! Welcome aboard. 
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We are looking for moderators!
Theo wrote:
Hi Alpha Vantage Peeps

I have recently worked on this project:  https://prediqtiv.github.io/

I will be actively updating this project to work with AV data.

I would be delighted to help AV moderate the Developer Showcase and JavaScript categories.

BTW, have you thought about a general AV API category? This could help users in all language categories with aspects such as rate limits or API tips and tricks.



You now have moderating right to the Javascript category! We will carefully consider a "Generation Discussion" section as well!
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We are looking for moderators!
critical_hit wrote:

I've been a software developer for 15 years, and have been trading stocks actively for the last 6.

I would love to contribute as a moderator in this forum, preferably in the "developer showcase" section as that is where I expect to hang out the most anyway.

Best regards

Happy new year, Mike! You now have moderating right to the Developer Showcase content category! Welcome aboard. [cool]
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We are looking for moderators!
Gigabyte Developers wrote:

We are just 5 teamheads. The rest are staffs.
Gigabyte Developers is just a fast growing StartUp Tech Company (10-50 employees at the moment), but just 5 of us are teamheads!

Got it! We are looking to have 2 moderators per category, and you should now have moderating rights to PHP, Java, Javascript, and Developer Showcase.  
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We are looking for moderators!
Gigabyte Developers wrote:
Hello and Happy New Year!
We are really enjoy usage of your API for currency connversion on our app CalcMate and I must say, we really love it!
So as a way of saying thank you to the AlphaVantage Community, we are offering to help moderate key forums where we are really proficient in. We are offering to moderate the JAVA, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, Developer Showcase, Investment Strategy and if possible PYTHON (i.e if there's still room for an additional moderator for Python)

Marvelous! Just to be clear: you mentioned "we" in the introduction above. How many members are there on your team? We just don't want to overload you with moderating tasks! [biggrin]
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We are looking for moderators of the Investment Strategy section!
psudo wrote:

I can contribute in Python and investment Strategy!

You now have moderating right to the Investment Strategy category. The Python section already has two moderators [smile] 
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