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Symbol Search API

Quote: I don't use OpenFigi anymore because we can't use the result with Alpha Vantage (Bloomberg Vs Reuters symbol)

I am beginning to understand this issue.

Anyway, I did update the routine I wrote yesterday so that it displays and allows checking on the entire NSE NIFTY500 symbol list against OpenFIGI:

openfigi api front end r2.1

The results are similar to yesterday: OpenFIGI returns results for strings four characters or less and for some five character symbols.


Quote: I wrote a little scrap script to search Reuters symbol :

Thank you for sharing. The search string works just fine:


I will look into playing with this API in the near future.


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Symbol Search API

I have no clear idea where this is all headed, but we will get there one day. ;-)

But the eventual main idea is to help peeps get data from Alpha Vantage from as many currently valid symbols as possible.

Anyway, I did a bit more coding today:

OpenFIGI API Front End R2

* With slide in/out 'hamburger' menu - so could work on phone
* Updates results with changes to location hash
* Button loads the NSE NIFTY50 symbol set
* Button for each symbol checks to see is ticker symbol is recognized by OpenFIGI

I have not checked all the 50 symbols. Most of the NSE symbols produce no results in OpenFIGI. Maybe this is because the symbols are long. Here are a couple that do produce results:


There i much still to learn here.

Source code - 280 lines plain-vanilla JavaScript - here:


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Specify Call for data?


So, I think we are on the same page. It would be nice to have, say, a hundred days of data and each day drop the oldest day and get data for just the single latest day. Currently, the only way to do that would be to down load the 'full' data set with many days and delete all the data that does not relate to the latest day. 

Given that we are getting the data at no charge, there are no money issues but there are significant time waiting and cleanup issues.

Fingers crossed that at some future data Alpha Vantage add start/end capabilities to the API.

In the meantime, I will also be looking into the JSON streaming issues.


Thank you for providing the corrected links - and good advice. 



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MarketQuote - Simple Portfolio Tracking
Looks good. What language or tools are you using to build MarketQuote?
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TiMonnen - Simple But Powerful Stock Insights (https://timonnen.com).

Some questions:
  • How did the app get its curious name
  • How will you differentiate it from the other apps on the market?
  • Do you have a monetization strategy?
  • How do you plan to get your first million users? ;-)
Feel free to respond to any or none or whatever.

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Symbol Search API
This is a really interesting topic, but do note that there are multiple aspects to this topic

* Enter symbol, get company name and/or details
* Enter company name, get symbols
* Determine symbol naming format that works with Alpha Vantage
* Determine if Alpha Vantage is likely to return data you want for a symbol
* And so on

I have started to code a plain-vanilla JavaScript front end for the OpenFIGI API. More features in the next day or so.

OpenFIGI API Front End

Source code:

Read Me:
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Symbol Search API

Thank you for introducing OpenFIGI. I did not know about it. 

The spreadsheet link you provide shows that there there is a much larger number of exchanges than I ever dreamed of.

And OpenFIGI - wow! I did a search on 'Rolls Royce' and the database reported 2,368 results.

You can do a simple search using just a URL. For example:



While researching OpenFigi, I came across another similar Bloomberg product:

Looks good but there's no API. I think there's a way of getting data via the URL but I have not figured it out.

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TiMonnen - Simple But Powerful Stock Insights (https://timonnen.com).
The interactive $pider web splash/header image-thingy on the site is way cool. 

Will TiMonnen be an app that runs in your browser? Written in JavaScript?

If so: heart, heart.
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Specify Call for data?
something like what is in these links:

https://github.com/salsify/jsonstreamingparser ?

https://pandas.pydata.org/ ?
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Specify Call for data?

I may be wrong, but I think @calerid is looking for start and end dates as part of the API parameters. If so I'm with calerid.
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Introduction to JavaScript for Alpha Vantage


Thank you for the kind words.

I did post a mention in the JavaScript section here:  https://www.alpha-vantage.community/post/first-pass-at-an-alpha-vantage-javascript-cookbook-9612423?pid=1302908530

It seems to me that new products and significant updates should be mentioned here while questions, requests for help and so on should be mostly in the specific language sections. But I'm happy to go wherever the forum thinks best.

BTW, did you click the link? All the code examples actually run and produce interesting results. Nothing to download. Nothing to install. It just works. ;-)


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Introduction to JavaScript for Alpha Vantage
Introduction to JavaScript for Alpha Vantage

Here are five simple and basic scripts to help you started with coding the calls to the Alpha Vantage API.

These JavaScript scripts have two objectives:

* Easy enough for beginner programmers to read and edit
* Generic enough to be easily translated to other languages or JavaScript libraries

A 'hello world' script. The script makes an Ajax / XMLHttpRequest call to load and display the basic Alpha Vantage demo file.

This script adds two input elements. The first is where you enter your API key. The second enables you to call for data for any symbol.

Entering your API key becomes tedious very quickly. This script adds storing the API key in the browser's localStorage.

Once you have the data, it's nice to be able to save the data to a local file. This script adds a 'save data to file button'.

Alpha Vantage API calls support a variety of parameters. This script shows you how to set parameters using dropdown menus.


Please add your comments and suggestions for more scripts.
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Symbol Search API
@deriscope / Ioannis

Quote: Currently I display tickers for a given country. This means I would need some means of entering a country code in the provided url. Alternatively you could provide an exchange-based api, but then I would also need a text file (hard-coded would be fine) that lists all countries with their respective exchanges.

I am currently working on this. I hope to have some links up over the weekend.

Quote: By the way, your name "Theo" comes from the greek "Theofilos" but is common in Germany too. Do you come from Germany or Greece?

I was born in the States. My family name is Scottish. 'Theo' is actually a nickname. It came from my great uncle Fyodor Nieroth - a Russian count. After the revolution, he went to live in France and his name became 'Théodore'. 

More tomorrow, I hope...
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