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Symbol Search API

The users of Chart Geany mostly come from the US but I had people from Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand who couldn't find easily the symbol they wanted, even though it was there. I don't know what the data source of Alpha Vantage is, but I think the people who wrote the code for the engine are the most appropriate to construct and provide an accurate symbol list. Anything else is just guessing.  
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Symbol Search API

IEX is limited to US stock markets only. No mutual funds, no etfs, no etns. 
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Symbol Search API
A symbol list with at list name and description is needed. Something like IEX provides here. It would be very useful for many apps to know in advance if a symbol exists or not.
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C++ access to AlphaVantage
I am one of the developers of Chart Geany. Chart Geany is a Qt/C++ application and uses Alpha Vantage as a data feed among others. Initially we built classes for accessing the network and used the csv and json parsers on the top of them. If you are familiar with C++, and you need to build an independent native multi platform app, Qt is the easiest way to go. 
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