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API Call Frequency/Limit

Recently I found that the limit rate is calculated and enforced per current minute. So, if you issue ~ 30 requests you need to wait until next minute in order to get a API reply without an error. No matter what was actual delay between calls. That goes like this: say if you started your requests at 12:10:01 .. and issued 30 requests with a one second delay in between you could get good data for most of them. But then no matter what you do you would get errors or short reply that you reached the limit. Though, if you wait until the next minute, or 12:11:00 in this example, you could start issuing requests again with decent chance to get good data.

BTW, the limit seems to be per IP. So, theoretically, if you need to issue lots of requests, you may need to use different outgoing IPs for each call. But I think the system has very limited bandwidth resources, once you issue multiple requests from different IPs, that would make system unusable for everybody. I would refrain from such experiments.

Also, since the system is based on Heroku cluster (or at least uses the cloud gateway load-balancers from Heroku), those are inserting additional delay with handling the calls. Your request may be handled from A to Z in 1-2 seconds or it may take upto 12-15 seconds to get an actual response. I believe that load-balancer introduces its own random delay handling the requests (who knows at what random logic, I do not believe that's based on current system usage).

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Symbol Search API
My suggestion to A-V support was to provide standard Last-Modified http response header property and allow HEAD queries before actual GET queries. That would decrease the needed bandwidth tremendously (if a program had ability to check whether the data needs to be downloaded again or not).
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Hi! Yes, of course, and welcome. I already requested same in another thread regarding search for moderators. =)

I was about to publish my sample script here with threads and queues for A-V stock pricing requests. I just was not sure if there would be much interest though. Please feel free to start by sharing your sample code.
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CSV download for RSI


The call looks correct. It's just according to documentation of the RSI call it does not have datatype parameter implemented yet and the only output format choice is json. You may want to request Alpha Vantage support to add that csv option for this call.

Also, just a thought - it may be not in your best interest to publish URLs with your real API key on this board or anywhere else online.

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Please note that this kind of questions should be posted in "Other Programming Languages" (for a lack of a better section).

Two options to solve your trouble:

1) Get a wget version that has SSL support built-in. Yours look like a Windows or Cygwin executable that may require an external SSL library.

2) Use a scripting language (Python or Perl) for this. There are plenty of one-liners online that would do the job.


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API Call Frequency/Limit

Guys. The optimal request frequency is discussed on the FAQ section of the support page:



What is the expected server-side performance (e.g., throughput time) for the API service?

Based on the latest instrumentation, the throughput time for our API endpoint is under 500 milliseconds per request at 25% to 75% percentile. While we are proud to provide free API service with no daily/weekly/monthly call limits, we recommend that API call frequency does not extend far beyond ~1 call per second so that we can continue to deliver the optimal server-side performance. If you would like to target a much larger API call volume, please drop us a note at support@alphavantage.co.


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We are looking for moderators!
Hi, if you could add a Perl section, I could help with moderation of that section. I am an advanced Perl programmer with years of experience, as well as ETL, database and parallel processing. I would be glad to be of help for this forum. Sincerely, spassiba.
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