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List of stock ticker symbols
Have you tried Open FIGI?
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Support and resistance lines


I'll provide some more images and more explanations next days.

Today, quickly generated GIF with some more screen shots.



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Support and resistance lines

Thanks, yes, that took quite a long time, I would say nearly eight years (but that was not at full-time).

All I need is an underlying time series dataset, that's all.

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Support and resistance lines



One of the basic concepts of technical analysis are support and resistance lines, but many chart applications does not provide this feature. I‘ve developed a methodology that provides automated recognized support and resistance levels for a complete asset universe and where breakouts and breakthroughs can be filtered quickly. I‘ve now added a Rest API where you may register for free data access: bit.ly/2iHsTLD

I hope that my solution meet some interest and am looking forward to your feedback.


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How can I use JSON data from alpha-vantage API ?

@adi_tdkr : the JSON provided by Alpha Vantage seems to be valid. See JSON Validator :  https://jsonformatter.org/ 

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