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Specify Call for data?
Hi again, 

Sorry for the late reply. I have not been able to get on very much in the last week. I appreciate the reply. Let me try to define my question better because you seem to ve very knowledgable.

Currently we have decided to go with 100 day sets and I may just append daily closing later. What my ultimate goal is, is to have 100 days closing prices consecutive. All I was wondering is if there was a method to extract simply closing prices without getting the whole set. What I am seeing or believe I am seeing is that it may mean something like the json streaming library? 

The only issue I am having at this point is I record it to JSON and the JSON library cannot seem to open the data afterwords (load & loads) provide me with errors, I will try and share them later today. My only research yield so far is that it may be a serialization issue?

Anyway thank you for keeping this going and providing good input!
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Specify Call for data?
Hi All,

I am writing a call for data into .json format. I am wondering if there is  a way to specify what data I want? Right now I have 100 days complete set of data and I don't want if possible to call for everything and have to just get rid of it.

I am looking for preferably 150 days of only closing prices as float in consecutive order.

Thanks for any ideas.
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